Logic Supply is adding the BeagleBone Black to our product line, along with a range of accessories and services.

The new BeagleBone Black is the next generation open source hardware development platform from BeagleBoard.org. This credit-card-sized ARM based computer is the perfect prototyping platform for developers.

BeagleBone Black

BeagleBone Black Top-View

BeagleBone Black features:

  • 1GHz TI Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 processor
  • 512MB DDR3L 400MHz memory
  • 2 x 46 pin expansion headers for GPIO, SPI, I2C, AIN, Serial, CAN
  • microHDMI, microSD, miniUSB Client, USB Host, 10/100 Ethernet
  • Built-in 2GB Flash preloaded with Ångström Linux
  • Compatible with Android, Ubuntu and many more

For more information see the BeagleBone Black product page and the Beagleboard.org website.

The BeagleBone Black sells for $45 and we expect it to be in-stock mid-June. We’ll offer everything you need to get started on your next project, including an enclosure we’ve recently developed. Here are some renderings:

BeagleBone Case

BeagleBone Case Back

BeagleBone Black Enclosure features:

  • Small, plated steel chassis with durable textured paint
  • Exposes USB, uHDMI, uSD, uUSB, LAN, and DC power ports
  • Twist-outs for optional DB9/15 connector and 7mm hole for power switch
  • Top cover is mountable in 3 vertical positions, for use with expansion capes
  • Includes mounting screws and rubber feet
  • Keyhole slots for wall mounting

BeagleBone Case Expanded

BeagleBone Case Exploded

We’d like to hear your feedback for this enclosure. Prototypes are on the way, but we can still make design changes, so let us know if there is anything you’d like to add or change by leaving a comment below!