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AWS IoT and OnLogic Hardware Bring Outcomes to the Edge

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As a member of the AWS IoT Partner Community, OnLogic works with partners and customers to build holistic solutions. AWS recently created a video titled “AWS Edge to Outcome.” It highlights real world solutions made possible through the power of their Partner Community.

AWS IoT for Digital Transformation

The Internet of Things, or IoT, holds a tremendous amount of potential for businesses to create new services that deliver value and differentiation through Digital Transformation. 

The IoT technology stack can seem complex to many companies looking to take advantage of this potential. AWS envisions the IoT stack as comprised of a few core components: 

  • Accessing data at the edge
  • Establishing connectivity to the cloud
  • Processing data with analytics, applications, and vertical platforms

As an AWS IoT Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), OnLogic offers qualified off the shelf edge servers, IoT gateways,and industrial PCs which are qualified to work with the AWS IoT platform

Managing and Reducing Food Waste

BioHiTech worked with OnLogic to provision a reliable, compact IoT gateway for their digester. Their digester is a machine that naturally converts food waste into waste water. 

The OnLogic gateway enables BioHiTech to provide real-time support. Customers can also remotely monitor and efficiently analyze their food waste processing. To learn more, read our customer story.

Safe Re-Entry to Public Spaces

Presentation High School wanted to bring students back to school safely during the COVID 19 pandemic. They implemented Workwatch, a compliance management solution powered by ThingLogix and OnLogic. 

The Workwatch system leveraged thermal cameras, daily pre-entry screening surveys, and entry access passes to meet the safety and usability needs of students and faculty. To learn more, read our Press Release.

For more information about how OnLogic partners with AWS to qualify our devices, including the pre-imaging of our systems, visit our OnLogic and AWS IoT Greengrass page. You can also view our AWS Greengrass Compatible IoT Edge Gateways.

If you’re seeking guidance on the ideal hardware for your next IoT project, Contact our team of solution specialists today.

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