I would like to extend a big thanks to the team over at Anandtech, especially Dustin Sklavos, for their review of our AG150 Fanless System. It was a very fair and thorough article and it offered a great analysis of the challenges with Intel’s GMA 3150 drivers (or in some instances, lack thereof). Here’s a quick snippet of the introduction, but definitely check out the rest of the review over at Anandtech.

“Every so often we have a vendor come to us with a unique product, something that may or may not have an immediately evident purpose, or may not be suited strictly to end consumers. Such is the case with the AG150 system we received for review from Logic Supply, a totally enclosed and fanless system geared almost exclusively for commercial and industrial applications. The AG150 is also our first serious hands on experience with Intel’s Cedar Trail Atom refresh.”

Interested in learning more about the AG150 Fanless System? Check our AG150 product page to see the standard configuration and specifications.