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An Afternoon with Branch Out Burlington

By ·Categories: Social Responsibility, Sustainability·Published On: September 16th, 2022·1.3 min read·

On Wednesday, September 15th 2022, a group of us from OnLogic spent a few hours after work at the local UVM Horticultural Center to help volunteer with their tree nursery. The organization we worked with is called Branch Out Burlington, which is a fully volunteer run organization that was founded in 1996. Their mission is to help the preservation of urban forests in the city of Burlington by planting and caring for trees.

OnLogic volunteers working on trees with Branch Out Burlington

Upon arriving our group was warmly welcomed by a group of seasoned volunteers. They were quick to show us the basics of the day’s tasks like pruning, mulching, weeding, and placing tree guards on the base of the trees to protect from small rodents in the upcoming winter season. As we worked we learned about different types of trees and experienced first-hand the amount of effort and time required to keep these trees properly maintained.

Not only was it a fun day spent getting to know some of the Branch Out Burlington volunteers, but I left with gratitude and knowledge about what kind of effort goes into the preservation of our cities’ urban forests. We’re excited to grow our relationship with Branch Out Burlington and continue to volunteer with them in the future.

A photo of a few OnLogic employees volunteering with Branch Out Burlington

As part of OnLogic’s commitment to sustainability, we found this to be another great opportunity to contribute to our local community while supporting an organization doing important work to care for the earth.

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