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AMD Introduces Low-Power APU Platform

By ·Categories: Technology·Published On: June 25th, 2012·1 min read·

Today, AMD announced a new low-power APU platform, the G-T16R. At just 4.5w TDP and low CPU/GPU clock speeds of 615Mhz and 276Mhz respectively, it appears that the target for this is more of a Geode replacement or Atom Z5xx/E6xx competitor with very specific applications in mind. It likely won’t have the performance desired for most general applications, but could prove useful in small form factor fanless systems. As we wait for the Jetway JB371 to address the thermal concerns of the JBC361, this new APU could be just what is needed for such a small cooling surface.

Given the adoption rate of the T56N that we’ve seen from our customers, I don’t think this announcement is going to have a huge impact on the market. I think the bigger news here is that AMD is committing to availability of both new and old G-series APUs through 2017 – this is far better than the ~3 year availability previously stated. This makes products like the Fujitsu D3003, NC108, and Jetway NF81 much more attractive for embedded applications that can leverage the higher GPU performance. Perhaps even more importantly, it positions the T56N as a legitimate alternative to Intel Cedar Trail Atoms for Linux users.


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Tony Fiset is a previous Product Manager at Logic Supply. Tony specialized in mainboards, processors, and barebones and has application oversight in the mobile and industrial automation verticals. Tony has a degree in mechanical engineering. He has a personal passion for HTPC projects and fine scotch.
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