XENO X07P1 Pico-ITX CaseAs I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts, there is a new Pico-ITX chassis on the way in addition to the fanless Serener GS-L08. XENO Corporation’s XENO X07P1 is a lightweight, compact, and sleek chassis that is constructed specifically for the PX10000G Pico-ITX mainboard. It exhibits a smart, contemporary design and has a well-organized interior that allows the components to be securely tucked into their designated spaces. It is fairly easy to assemble and disassemble; however, cable management might prove to be the most challenging—it is a very small case. And, it provides most of the PX10000G’s available I/O (it lacks audio output, but that might be modified in the future depending on customer demand).

This enclosure is a fanless case (in that it has no fans), but it is actively cooled by the CPU fan on the mainboard. There also are ventilation holes and slats for adequate cooling. The mainboard heat sink and fan are just about flush with the top of the case and there is a hexagonal vent to let the heat out. This case will no doubt fill a different niche than the fanless Serener case, which is great, because that will satisfy more customer demands and fit more project needs—everybody’s happy.

First Look

The X07P1 has front access to 4 USB 2.0 ports, VGA, LAN, and a DC power jack. Actually this could also be considered the back of the case, depending on one’s preference. But, for now, let’s consider that side the “front.” The “back” has 2 PS2 ports (keyboard & mouse) and a power button. It also has mounting flanges with vibration reducing isolators so the enclosure can be wall or floor mounted in a range of environments. It is pretty discreet to begin with, so it can easily be installed to disappear into a corner or behind a monitor.

XENO X07P1 Size Comparison

It is constructed with 18/19 gauge aluminum with a powder-coated, matte black finish. It measure 168.66 mm x 65.79 mm x 87.38 mm (6.64″ x 2.59″ x 3.44″) (w x h x d). Just like the GS-L08, this case also can easily fit in the palm of one’s hand. When holding the built system, it’s hard to believe that a full-featured computer can be that small.

After unscrewing the top, it peels off and you are faced with a bracket that can be removed to install the mainboard and picoPSU. It also gives you direct access to the case bottom where the hard drive and cables are attached.

X07P1: HDD & Cables Installed

X07P1: picoPSU & PX10000G InstalledX07P1: Open

X07P1: Open & AssembledThe bracket can be screwed back in once the HDD, PS2 cables, and USB cables are attached. As you can see, it certainly is a snug squeeze for all the components.

After that, it is just a matter of making sure everything is securely attached before you put the cover back on.

Overall, it is a pretty exciting and innovative design. The X07P1 offers a terrific solution for industrial and automotive applications. Because it is specifically designed for the picoPSU power supplies, it can utilize the new M3-ATX picoPSU Intelligent Automotive power supply, a 125W DC-DC converter. This unit is mobile and versatile, and of course, incredibly small.

About XENO Corporation

XENO started out in 2002 as an idea for inventing products that people wanted but that did not yet exist. That idea became XENO Corporation in 2005 when the founder decided that, based on his experience and love of manufacturing, he would start designing computer cases for new motherboards that VIA was releasing. He ultimately acquired the equipment necessary to produce these products in-house. He looks forward to a bright future of innovation and working hand-in-hand with great companies like Logic Supply and VIA Technologies, Inc. His goal is to bring well designed products to the many people looking for hard to find solutions. XENO will continue to move forward by expanding its product line and creating cost-effective solutions for system builders.

The X07P1 Pico-ITX enclosures are expected to arrive at Logic Supply by December 17, 2007. For more information, contact 802 861 2300, option 1.