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Adding Connectivity And Compute Capabilities to Legacy Equipment With The New CL200

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The CL200 Series of systems are low cost, fanless industrial PCs with a compact form factor, built for the rigors of industrial applications. The systems include a wide array of features that are critical for deploying dependable, long-lasting industrial, IIoT, monitoring, and data capture solutions.

The CL200 is powered by ultra-efficient Intel® processing, and can add compute at the edge to everything from safety monitoring and time-based predictive maintenance, to object recognition or RFID inventory tracking systems. As an x86-based PC, you’re free to choose the software package, off the shelf peripherals and operating system – including Windows 10 or Linux – that best suits your application. And starting at just a few hundred dollars, the CL200 makes it easier than ever to add compute power anywhere you need it. Here are a just a few of the ways we’ve designed the CL200 to be the perfect fit for your project.

We have engineered the CL200 Series to be the best alternative to industrial ARM and PLC in the market today. The system offers incredible flexibility through wide compatibility with peripherals, software, equipment and cloud services, all packaged in an incredibly compact and affordable form factor.
~Johnny Chen, OnLogic Solutions Architect

Upgrade Existing Industrial Infrastructure

Easily add connectivity to the cloud for your existing industrial applications by integrating the CL200. The platform’s robust computing capabilities allow for efficient data collection for system management, data analytics & process optimization. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and other cloud-based applications can benefit from the additional power provided by the CL200 to enable:

  • Predictive maintenance – reducing downtime & repair costs
  • Increased data analytics – optimizing industrial processes
  • Work environment safety improvements through vision monitoring
  • Assembly Failure Analysis

Ready for Today’s Leading Cloud Service Providers

The CL200 Series is AWS Greengrass and Microsoft Azure certified, and can be configured to include the AWS Greengrass Machine Learning (ML) inference pre-loaded. Intel Movidius VPU (Vision Processing Unit) will also soon be available to provide additional AI compute capabilities at the edge. With the CL200 Series you can be ready to deploy world-class edge-compute solutions with on-demand cloud connectivity right out of the box.

The Connectivity You Need

Our smallest-ever fanless PC still offers an array of connectivity options. The CL200 features an RS232 box header, up to two GbE LAN ports, dual USB 3.0 ports, and an additional USB 2.0 port for connectivity to peripherals and other equipment. With an eye toward enabling edge computing applications, the systems in the CL200 Series offer WiFi and Bluetooth, in addition to 4G LTE. LORA, Zigbee, CAT M1, CAT4 and Bluetooth 5.0 options for WAN sensor connectivity will be available soon to provide customers even greater flexibility in low power or long range data collection applications.

Security Through Intel PTT

The CL200 includes Intel’s Platform Trust Technology (PTT), a firmware-based implementation of Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware security. PTT allows organizations to establish the same, rigorous levels of security in its compact, fanless systems and devices as it does for desktop PCs, workstations and servers. PTT-enabled IPCs radically shrink the attack surface for systems that often sit unattended in remote or public spaces.

Affordable Price

The CL200 product line is priced to provide great value for deploying edge-compute and cloud-based solutions, without losing the features you need. Pricing starts at $249 for the pre-configured and ready to ship version of the CL200 model.

In summary, if you’re looking for a highly dependable industrial PC with a small form-factor, take a close look at the CL200 from OnLogic. If you’re building an industrial solution, build it with Logic!

If you are interested in seeing what the CL200 can do for you, OnLogic offers TryLogic, a no-risk prototyping program. Visit the TryLogic page today and order your prototype CL200 system!

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