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Ace of Bases

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At Logic Supply, we like to think outside of the little black box. This can be challenging when every system we sell is contained in a nice and small, er, black box. It’s not that we’re short on creativity. Our customers prefer simplicity—most of our systems are tucked behind, below, or inside another machine or device anyway so does the color really matter? The color black certainly blends in better than pink. Now, if we’re satisfied with the absence of color, what about the physical box? Can we move beyond the confines of an enclosed space? Yes, yes we can.

Introducing the Logic Supply CT100, or as I would like to unofficially call it, the Ace of Bases. This open-framed case provides all the benefits of an enclosure: there’s mounting for a motherboard, power supply, HDD, and cooling. But it doesn’t stop there. With the CT100, you get options. It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, but with computer hardware (and minus any tropical rivers filled with piranhas). What is possible with the CT100? If you can dream it, we can likely build it. To help provide some inspiration, we’ve come up with some standard configurations to show you. Before diving into our stream of pictures, let’s review the specs:

  • Dimensions (w x h x d) – 202 x 25 x 260 mm
  • 1.5 mm thick galvanized steel frame
  • Black powder coated finish
  • Includes 2 plastic films for the 2.5″ drives, plastic edge grommit for thru-plate wire connections, stand-offs for power supply options, and screws for mounting the motherboard, case fans, HDDs, and a Flex ATX power supply
  • 10 mm pems  allow you to easily mount motherboards with tall components on the bottom
  • Features a variety of slots for additional I/O off of mainboard pin headers, antenna jacks, and a power button jack
  • Mounting for 2 HDDs available below the motherboard
  • Can choose to install a picoPSU, DC-DC board, or Flex ATX power supply
  • Has mounting brackets built in for installation to a flat surface or DIN-rail
  • Comes shipped with an ESD bag, protective foam and a box (so if you get a build and test from Logic Supply, we’ll install all the components and safely ship it as a built system)

The open nature of the CT00 makes it ideal for installation into a larger enclosure such as an industrial cabinet or kiosk, or for use on a test bench when swapping out components has become a way of life.

Now let’s review what some of those configurations might look like.

Assembled with a Flex ATX Power Supply

CT100 Configured with Flex ATX

CT100 with Flex ATX Power Supply

Shown here is the DFI-ACP HR100-CRM motherboard with a Seasonic 250 W Flex ATX power supply. Also added below the board are two USB 2.0 ports and one RS-232 COM port pulled off of pin headers.

Here’s a top view for good measure.

CT100 for Kiosk Applications

CT100 with Flex ATX PSU, Top View

Assembled with a picoPSU Power Supply

Maybe you don’t need all that extra oomph but want more I/O and then some? Shown below is a Jetway NF9D-2700 Mini-ITX motherboard with a 3x Gb LAN port daughterboard installed and a picoPSU power supply.

CT100 and picoPSU for Industrial Cabinets

CT100 with picoPSU

Here’s another view of the configuration. There’s also a case fan installed on the side for cooling and two antennas for Wi-Fi.

CT100 with picoPSU for Prototyping

CT100 with picoPSU, Top View

Below, we’ve installed two storage drives. There’s one Seagate HDD and one Emphase SSD. See how cable management is neat and tidy?

CT100 with SDD and HDD

CT100 with HDD and SSD

Assembled with an Automotive Power Supply

Looking for automotive intelligence? Here we have the Intel D525MW Mini-ITX motherboard with the M2-ATX Automotive Power Supply mounted behind it. Below, we’ve also pulled two additional USB ports and an RS-232 COM port off of pin headers. And we’ve included a fan on the side.

CT100 with M2-ATX

CT100 with M2-ATX Automotive PSU

Here’s the view from above.

Top View of CT100 with M2-ATX

CT100 with M2-ATX Automotive PSU, Top View

Here’s the view from the back panel.

CT100 M2-ATX Back View

CT100 with M2-ATX PSU, Back View

And now below. We’ve only installed one SSD in this configuration.

CT100 with PSU on Bottom

CT100 with M2-ATX PSU, Below

There are plenty of different configurations available. Choose your motherboard, PSU, up to 2 HDDs/SSDs, Wi-Fi, cooling, and additional I/O. Have any ideas on how you would configure it? Share with us your ideal set up in the comments!


About the Author: Kristina Bond

Kristina Bond was the Marketing Director for Logic Supply from 2007 to 2012. She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia with an M.F.A. in photography and a B.F.A in photography and communication from Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV. While technology and Logic Supply remain close to her heart, she moved on from the company in June 2012 to do marketing for the restaurant industry. To get in touch with Kristina, please contact kristina@kristinadrobny.com.
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