Logic Supply has been serving the embedded and applied computing market since 2002, shortly after VIA spearheaded the revolutionary Mini-ITX mainboard. Since then, we have developed alongside the ever-growing small form factor arena, answering the market’s demands with new, innovative solutions such as: fanless, solid state systems.

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We have an online store that allows customers to fully configure small form factor computers any which way they please. We offer a broad variety of systems well suited to many different projects and applications. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, expertise, and versatility. We have a diverse, intelligent group of people working under one roof, so we thought, hey, let’s share our thoughts with the world. Thus, you have Logic Supply’s weblog. You can learn a little more about each writer under the author profiles section. We hope you find the information valuable. Please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think. We aim to please. Enjoy!