The names may be familiar, but don’t mistake the new Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors for their Nehalem predecessors. These new processors, built on Intel’s so-fresh-it’s-still-green Sandy Bridge processor microarchitecture, still feature familiar performance enhancements like Intel Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading, but they’ve been pumped up even further for noticeable increases in processing.

Intel has also gone and pushed the GPU onto the same die as the processor, speeding things up while keeping things cool. This increased power efficiency means that multiple cores can be overclocked at once using Turbo Boost, as well as providing brief boosts when CPU load increases drastically, all while keeping energy consumption, and therefore your Total Cost of Ownership, down.

Huron River is the mobile chipset configuration of the Sandy Bridge architecture, and we’ll be seeing those later this quarter, so keep your eyes peeled! Between Intel’s new architecture and the AMD Brazos platform, now is an exciting time for digital signage and image processing-intensive application providers.