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Recorded on Thursday, April 29, 2021

Watch our recorded discussion about IGEL and the advantages of OnLogic’s IGEL Ready hardware. All registered viewers will receive a free trial version of IGEL and an ebook with exclusive content from OnLogic.


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Be IGEL Ready, Right Out of the Box

OnLogic IGEL Ready hardware puts you in control of your Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) faster, more easily and more reliably than ever before. Not all VDI environments are created equal, so why use consumer computing hardware where industrial devices are clearly needed? OnLogic offers IGEL Ready devices that can be deployed in even the most challenging environments for automation, manufacturing, logistics, medical or retail applications.

After watching the recording, you’ll understand:

  • The benefits of IGEL OS
  • What it takes for hardware to be IGEL Ready
  • How to save time and money by using hardware pre-imaged with IGEL OS
Get to Know Your Speakers
  • Patrick Metzger Headshot
    Patrick Metzger


    Combining his skills and interests in technology, business relationships, and marketing, Patrick is passionate about exploring the areas where tech and people connect.

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  • Jed Ayres Headshot
    Jed Ayres

    Global CEO, IGEL

    Jed is widely recognized for the transformational impact he is making on the end user computing industry through his leadership at IGEL.

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  • James Floyd Headshot
    James Floyd


    Dedicated to finding the right solution for every challenge, James offers a unique perspective on the future of hardware and software in industrial computing

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OnLogic designs and manufactures powerful small-form-factor computers that survive & perform where other computers would fail. With a mission to make the impossible possible, we offer customizable computers and application-specific solutions for innovators in virtually every industry. With an array of ecosystem partners including Intel, AMD, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and many others, we're here to help you solve even your most complex technology challenges.

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