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BeagleBone ZigBee + XBee Cape

The BeagleBone XBee Cape allows you to easily mount your XBee RF module and attain wireless connectivity for your project.
  • Standard ZigBee module 2mm-pitch connectors
  • Optional LEDs and Push-Buttons to customize your application
  • Prototyping area for additional circuits and sensors

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CBB-XBEE makes wireless connectivity easy. Just insert the XBee RF module that best suits your application, and quickly start controlling your remote device. Ideal for robotics and control applications.

In addition to the prototyping area, two LEDs can be installed to display status, with right-angle mounting options. You can also add two push-button switches mounted on the edge of the board. For increased flexibility, the circuitboard accepts either a vertical or right-angle style push-button. The right-angle push-button is accessible when using the expandable case.

Soldering is required to mount the supplied header connectors.

Compatible with BeagleBone Black and BeagleBone White.


Key Features

  • Standard XBee module spaced footprint
  • Onboard 3.3 V regulator
  • Optional LEDs and Push-Button switches
  • Large prototype area
  • UART2 (default)






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Technical Specs
More Information
Operating Temperature Range 0 ~ 50°C
Notes Designed for BeagleBone Black (not included). Requires soldering and user-supplied XBee RF module.

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