BeagleBone Proto Cape with EEPROM

Prototype quickly with surface-mount EEProm pre-installed. Includes write-protect jumper and dip-switch for easy addressing. Has support for up to four capes.
  • Cape-manager EEProm with four addresses
  • 283 user-connection points
  • Surface mount footprints: SOT23-6, SC70-6

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CBB-EEProto makes prototyping easy with full P8 and P9 test points provided. Three power rails and ground are provided, with nine tie-points each. Cape manager reads the EEProm makes BeagleBone configuration easy. Surface mount breakouts for both SOT23-6 and SC70-6 provided to further simplify prototyping. Optional stacking header can be used to combine multiple capes.

NOTE: On the proto cape the BUS labelled SYS5V is connected to the external DC jack, and VDD5V is connected to the Internal 5V.

Compatible with BeagleBone Black and BeagleBone White.


Key Features

  • Surface-mount 24LC256 EEProm (256 kb)
  • Write-enable jumper provided
  • On-board dip switches: support four cape addresses
  • Surface mount footprints: SOT23-6, SC70-6
  • 283 connection points, 2.54mm (0.1") pitch









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Technical Specs
More Information
Operating Temperature Range 0 ~ 50°C
Notes Designed for BeagleBone Black (not included). Requires soldering.
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