January 29, 2014 (SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT) - Logic Supply ( is proud to announce a new Wide Temperature Security and Surveillance system: the Nuvo-3005LP.


“It is quite simply the best wide-temperature Network Video Recorder (NVR) we have seen in a long time,” says Steve Winn, Logic Supply Security and Surveillance Expert.


Optimized for Security and Surveillance


As the heart of a security and surveillance system, the Nuvo-3005LP excels. The LP stands for Low Profile, but don’t be mislead by its small size. It is through and through a great NVR, with Intel processors powering it, a Hot Swappable 2.5″ HDD tray for easy data removal, Power over Ethernet (PoE) for 4 cameras, and a slew of I/O options to fit the needs of any situation. With its small size, power, easy data removal and PoE, it’s a great fit for advanced Security and Surveillance installations.


Renowned Ruggedness and Reliability


Nuvos are well known for their reliability, durability and ruggedness, and the 3005LP is no exception. With a wide-temperature operating range of -25°C to 70°C, it will reliably run in brutal environments. Its fanless design keeps it cool with less moving parts, removing the greatest points of failure for NVRs and making it virtually silent. Taken with its tough, stylish and durable case, the Nuvo-3005LP a great addition to the line of Nuvos.


Behind the Nuvos


When it comes to wide temp systems, Neousys Technology is a clear contender for the top spot. Their stylish, efficient and reliable systems are above reproach and Logic Supply enjoys a close partnership with them. “We’ve got a great partnership with Neousys Technology, and are have worked closely with them to help bring this next gen of Nevos to life,” says Winn.


The Takeaway


If you have been looking for a compact, rugged, solid system for NVR or other surveillance and security uses, give the Nuvos 3005LP a look. For more information on the 3005LP, or other Nuvos options, contact Logic Supply.


About Logic Supply: A leading industrial PC company, Logic Supply is powering innovation worldwide. Designing and manufacturing small, rugged computers specifically engineered for harsh environments, the company serves a variety of industrial and embedded markets. In addition to its extensive product line, Logic Supply offers custom development as well as an end-to-end OEM service program. The result for customers is a true partnership characterized by speed, flexibility and value. Visit the Logic Supply website at //


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