Logic Supply ML300

September 19, 2013 (SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT) - Logic Supply (www.onlogic.com) has released the ML300, a fanless NUC (Next Unit of Computing) system designed for longevity, performance, and ruggedness. The ML300 features exceptional cooling, multimedia graphics, and an expansion bay. "This ultra-small system raises the bar for the NUC category and is the apex of heat distribution design,” says JP Ishaq, Logic Supply’s Project Manager.


Where no NUC has Gone Before


Based on Intel’s Next Unit of Computing form factor, the ML300 allows for unprecedented performance in a compact footprint. The ML300 is completely fanless and ventless, protecting against dust, metal shavings, or other debris in industrial applications from sawmills to machine shops. Removing the fan removes a point of failure, creating a solid state solution with no moving parts that will outlast commercial desktops. Measuring 196 x 37 x 131 mm ( 7.7" x 1.45" x 5.17"), the ML300 is small enough for discreet placement in space-constrained environments, including kiosks or beneath a workstation.


Cool Under Pressure


The one-piece extruded aluminum lid creates and single-interface heatsink provides optimal heat transfer, further improving cooling performance. Additional heatsinks are also provided for the storage and Wi-Fi, ensuring optimal reliability for the individual components, even during write-intensive or network-intensive operations


Designed to be Redesigned


The enclosure can be physically reconfigured and branded to specific requirements without from-scratch development fees and timeframes. The control over the design and manufacturing allows Logic Supply to manage the lifecycle and revision history, ensuring a reliable, consistent solution.


Exceptional Engineering


Featuring a unique expansion bay, the Core-ML300 can do what other NUC systems cannot: offer expansion in the form of uniquely industrial I/O. Three screws allow easy access to the internal components and an EMI gasket reduces the risk of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. The swappable backplates support all current NUC motherboards, and offer space for up to three wireless antennas as well as an extra RS-232 COM port. To learn about additional configurations including 2.5” HDDs or a wide-input power supply with vehicle ignition sense, visit onlogic.com.


About Logic Supply: A leading industrial PC company, Logic Supply is powering innovation worldwide. Designing and manufacturing small, rugged computers specifically engineered for harsh environments, the company serves a variety of industrial and embedded markets. In addition to its extensive product line, Logic Supply offers custom development as well as an end-to-end OEM service program. The result for customers is a true partnership characterized by speed, flexibility and value. Visit the Logic Supply website at //www.onlogic.com/.


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